Introducing Happy Pet!

Tuesday July 17, 2018

Created by Dr. Evan Antin, Happy Pet is a new pet wellness brand designed for your loyal companion. Dr. Antin knows as much as anyone that a healthy pet = a happy pet. We use natural and eco-friendly ingredients so your furry friends will be looking and feeling their absolute best! Plus, we put all our products into 3 convenient categories for every pet and every occasion!

Our Clean Collection is used to keep your pets smelling fresh and feeling squeaky clean. Give your pup the best bath ever with our original Shampaw and Cuddle Me Conditioner! No time for a bath? Try our Dry Shampaw! dry shampoo powder spray for a quick and easy clean, made with a silent sprayer to not scare your pup. Our clean collection shampoos and conditioner are sulfate and paraben free for a natural cleanse.

Our Active Collection is perfect for your adventurous pup, from playing fetch in the backyard to backpacking trips across the country. Protect your pet from harmful sun rays with our Hot Dog sunscreen spray and stick.

Our Fresh Collection is great to use when your pooch needs a bit of relief. Our deodorizing wipes and spray are perfect for a quick fix to have your pup smelling fresh as a daisy. If your pup has itchy or irritated skin, our Hits the (Hot) Spot wipes can provide relief. And if your dog has dry paws, Pawesome Moisturizer will leave them feeling smooth and soft.

Dr. Antin and the Happy Pet team are very proud and excited to bring these products to life and share them with dog owners just like you. Purchase today to make the best decision for you AND your best friend!